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Sound insulation – Acoustics in Brussels

Architectural and aesthetic integration of sound insulation.

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DB MUTE was established in Brussels in 1995.

Founder and managing director Stephane Ways and his team are experts in the field of soundproofing and acoustic correction.

DB MUTE’s added value is the ability to offer a comprehensive approach for the solution of noise pollution and acoustic discomfort. DB MUTE works concurrently in consulting, engineering, manufacturing, and installing of acoustic solutions. As a result, DB MUTE can provide a performance guarantee.

DB MUTE’s expertise is the prescription and installation of soundproofing systems, the distribution of soundproofing or acoustic correction materials, as well as acoustic engineering and consulting for the service industry, and the fields of architecture, manufacturing and environmental protection.

This know-how is applied to two distinct branches of acoustics: one of them is the reduction of sound pollution either in the workplace (offices, workshops, community centers, soundproofed booths) or in environmental and vicinity protection (respect of IBGE standards, outdoor noise-reduction screens, acoustic doors and gates). In this case, DB MUTE assists the “noise producer” in the compliance with federal regulation pertaining to occupational health and safety, and regional regulation concerning environmental protection.

The other field of expertise is the acoustic design of premises where acoustic comfort is of paramount importance for the purpose of voice intelligibility and hearing, such as offices, open-space offices, community halls, meeting rooms, and the hospitality industry. DB MUTE’s approach systematically includes architectural integration and esthetic attributes.

A non-exhaustive list of the numerous professional applications are as follows: production and installation of phonic barriers (walls, floors, ceilings), noise absorbers, loud-speaker suspension for the service industry and educational field, booth soundproofing for interpreters, the medical and audiovisual professions, and the installation of noise reduction screens for HVAC equipment and real-estate, just to mention a few.

Additionally, DB MUTE distributes a wide range of products including heavy foil, foam (absorbing and soundproofing), acoustic correction panels (to be glued or hung), noise-reduction screens, anti-vibration products, mufflers, etc.

From design to implementation, with result verification, as well as determining specifications, plans, in situ measurements, requesting environmental permits, such integration of the various aspects of the field enables DB MUTE to offer “all-inclusive” acoustic solutions.