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Being firmly convinced that an internal / external space and a work place can only be successful if it incorporates high acoustic comfort, we propose a broad choice of specific materials for the acoustic correction and soundproofing

Flexible plate for walls, floors, and ceilings insulation strengthening.
Open Space
Open Space layout combining Design and Soundproofing
Melamin Decor
High acoustic absorbtion foam panel with beveled edges on one side
Pyramidal absorbing foams for insulation reinforcement
Sound absorbing screen
Sound absorbing screen for offices and open spaces.
Acoustic panel
Individual sensor to treat the noise and reverberation
Sound Wall
Noise barrier panels for cooling machine and industrial protection
Space Divider for offices
space divider translucent and acoustic for open-spaces
Heavy Foil R35
Flexible adhesive bituminised membrane for insulation
Cylindrical resonators diaphragm reduces echoes. wood finish / textile.
Corner trap for bass frequencies regulation, based on the principle of Helmholtz resonator.
Vibration isolators for loss of structural transmissions.
Schroeder diffusor
Omnidirectional acoustic diffuser placed as a wall element